Sunday, May 30, 2010

Mango Pudding

This has been my "secret" recipe for many years now, and I can honestly pretty much guarantee that you will agree that this will be the best mango pudding that you will find out there. It does however take some patience, so hopefully you don't mind stirring for a while...because that's really the major component of this recipe. I think it's worth the effort though.

My baby shower was today and I was so overwhelmed by everything going on that I basically forgot to bring out this dessert that I made..must be the pregnancy brain! Only a few guests who stayed until the very end, ended up taking their cups to go. On another note, I want to again thank everyone who made it out today and for all of their love and support. Me and hubby are truly blessed to have such good friends!


1 can Mango Pulp
500 ml. Whipping Cream
1 cup Sugar
6 cups Water
4 packs Gelatin


In a large bowl, combine mango pulp and whipping cream. Set aside.

In a small pot, mix gelatin and 1 cup of hot water. Depending on how the gelatin melts, you may want to heat up on the stove briefly so all of the gelatin is melted. Remove from heat and set aside.

In a medium bowl, combine sugar and 5 cups of water. I generally first combine 1 cup of hot water with the sugar, melt the sugar, and then add water at room temperature for the remaining 4 cups so you don't have to wait until the water cools.

You will now have three different containers of liquid. Slowly, stirring constantly, alternate adding spoons of the sugar water mixture and the gelatin water into the mango pulp/whipping cream mixture.

One everything is combined, pour into a container of your choice for chilling in the refrigerator. I like using little plastic champagne cups but it is totally up to your own discretion. Chill overnight.

Serve with a little additional cream poured on top.


  1. WHAT!!! I missed MANGO PUDDING!!!

  2. I think it was just after you left that someone mentioned seeing it in the fridge, which caused the lightbulb...whoops...

  3. I was the one who remembered the mango pudding! I LOVE your mango pudding! I really wish that I had taken all of the ones in the fridge and not told anyone else...I took 3 and I've been eating one a day but I really want to eat like 10 a day! For my birthday gift can you just make me buckets of this? Like maybe 30 buckets? Then I might finally be satiated with this delicious mango pudding. I think I have to make this mango pudding this weekend now since I'm craving it so much :(